Monday, January 28, 2013

MINX and M.I.S.S. Crew

I am a huge fan of nail art and the lovely ladies of M.I.S.S. Crew so when both worlds collided, magic was made and I got to photograph it! Below are all 7 of the lovely nail designs created by my dear friend Gabriella, founder and art director of Miss Omini Media. I love everything that Gabriella created but I am particularly fond of the Mi Vida Loca set. If you look closely, you'll see one of my photos in the set. Check out the styles below. You can purchase them HERE.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jenni Lee

This summer I got together with the lovely Jenni Lee to shoot some photos at Rockaway Beach. I'd never been before but I heard it was a great place to grab some fish tacos and enjoy the sun. It happened to be overcast the day we went which was perfect because the light was soft and even. Below are some of my favorites from our beach excursion.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Miss Ashleigh

"Pirate, poet, pin-up, pugalist. Breaking faces since 1983 & ruining soul at a time. Ask about me. Have gun...will travel." - Miss Ashleigh's instagram bio  

This is a pretty accurate description of my girl Ashleigh. Add talented makeup artist, killer stylist and one of the most outgoing and fearless people I've ever met and you get the whole idea. Check her out on Instagram or follow her super funny rants on Twitter HERE.


Maria Songbird

I got the opportunity to go to Hawaii a few weeks ago and meet up with the lovely songstress, Miss Maria Remos. Maria and I met in San Francisco through mutual friends. She recently moved back to her native Oahu so when I arrived, I made plans to connect with her.  Luckily for me, she had some free time and was kind enough to show myself and the crew around the west and north shore of the lovely island. While visiting Pipeline, I managed to shoot a few portraits of the lovely wahine. Thanks for showing us around Maria! Please do yourself a favor and check out her music HERE.