Friday, February 29, 2008

Annie Leibovitz

If Estevan Oriol is the king of photography then Annie Leibovitz is the Queen. I was lucky enough to go to her press preview today at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco to view photographs from her most recent book "A Photographes Life."
Annie took the "press" on a private tour of the collection and talked about her shoots with people such as P.Diddy, Kate Moss, Cindy Sherman and her experience photogarphing president Bush and his homies. It was really inspiring to be around this woman and her beautiful body of work.

If you're in the bay area, its a must to check out her show.
Click HERE for the 411





Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Two faces of David Banner

david banner2

david banner

Photographed Rapper/Actor David Banner in LA a while back. When i got to the shoot i almost didn't recognize him. Mr Banner has been hard at work trasforming his body through diet and exercise so he looked especially lean and heatlhy the day of our shoot.
i am working on updating my website right now; its a long time over due. I have a few other shots of Mr Banner that i really like so ill be posting those on MY SITE in a few days..

Taj, where art thou?

i haven't seen my buddy taj in 4 years. i googled him and searched for him on myspace. No luck. If you've seen him, holler. Would love to photograph him again and catch up.



Sunday, February 24, 2008

MIA in Berkeley



check out her lovely sound HERE

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Anthony Coleman II

My homeboy Anthony Coleman II was in town a few weeks ago. We got together before he jetted off to Miami and shot some photos. Anthony is a talented trumpet player who just graduated from New School in New York this past december. Anthony is one of those dudes who is just cool, with out even trying.
You might have heard Anthony on Joss Stone, Blackalicious, or Raphael Saadiq's albums....check those liners note... Yeah he gets around.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Married to the Hustle.

If you haven't done so already, get your bootie over to MISS CREW and download the homegirl, Krishtine de Leon's Married to the Hustle Mixtape. The album, which dropped on Febuary 14, is truly off the hook.
Just what you need to add to the mix of music you have in rotation. Check out the album and read a bit about the lady behind the music HERE

Album art work by NINA PARKS
This photo by me.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Got to be in LA this Friday to celebrate the release of Estevan Oriol's book 1979! The book, a colabo between Adidas and UNDFTD, will be released with the Adidas Top Ten Shoe .
The event, held in downtown LA, was stunning. Estevan's Photos were printed large scale on banner type material. I've never seen photos exhibited quite this way so it was really awesome to check them out in person.
Mr. Oriol was in the house that night signing and taking photos with his fans. If you know me, you know that he is my favorite photographer, hands down. When i got a chance to work with his last year for a little while, everyday that i came to his studio i would pinch myself, I couldn't believe that i was there. I felt like i won the lottery or something! ha
On Friday, i felt that same giddiness again when i stood in line to get an autographed poster from Estevan and he wrote this
SHUT UP! i was on cloud nine.

If you're in the LA area, you gotta chek out the show. Might change your life.