Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Camera, New Snapshots

I got a new camera this weekend. No i didn't get a digi. Although i know its in the cards sonner or later.
Instead however, I found a CONTAX T3 at CAMERA ARTS in Sacramento ( a collectors item film camera for those who don't know.) I wanted to test the camera out so on saturday i ran a roll of film through it and took pictures through out the day.

Saturday morning I had breakast

with the BF, (best friend, that is. Duh). JUSTIN

Afterwards, I meet up with my sister and her homegirl at

Mel works at Cuffs. She was kind enough to pose for a shot. Thanks, Mel!

Later that day took this little guy for a walk.
Finished the day off by linking up with CAWZLOS. We went to an
then had drinks for our friends birthday.

Saturday was super eventful and productive. Kicking it with the homies, shooting pictures, eating. These are a few of my favorite things. Anyhow, all in all im happy with my new camera. I just hope that my lab keeps processing film!

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Pandahead said...

i admire you and respect you for still shooting film. i showed my family your website and they are all really impressed. truly. you are a revolutionary and a mentor to me! keep shooting amanda! maybe one day soon i will have the privilege to finally go on a photo-venture we talked about so many years ago:) -jamie cardenas
p.s tell camera arts i miss them!