Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I spent this weekend shooting some behind the scenes pictures for
my homeboys The Park. The talented trio, Derek, Josh and Ben
backed the lovely Alice Russell on Friday and Saturday night at
Yoshi's SF and played with the legendary singer  Darondo at Stern
Grove on Sunday. Both shows were so amazing and reminded
me of why i got into photography in the first place.
I got my start in photography shooting pictures at hip hop shows
so music has always been a huge influence in my work. Luckily,
I have a lot of friends who are musicians so i am surrounded by
inspiration. These past few years though I haven't gone to as many
shows as i would like but shooting pictures this weekend brought
back great memories of time spent with friends and learning how
to use my camera in front of crowds of people who were huddled
together in small venues, waiting to hear their favorite band play.
I feel lucky that years later I can say photography is still my passion
and music remains a source of influence and happiness.


AG said...

The photo with the piano and keyboard is awesome! Great angle and great capture! Lovin it.

Noé Montes said...

these are so great Amanda.