Thursday, March 24, 2011


Man...where do I begin.  SXSW was awesome. I went once before a few years ago but forgot how wild, crazy, fun, exciting and tiring the festival can be.  If you've never been, i HIGHLY recommend it. If you are a musician, it's practically a must that you be there. It seemed like every musician you could think of was there doing there thing. It was crazy.

So this year my dear friend Trevor Traynor and I covered the festival together and shot mini video interviews with some of our favorite artists. (More details on that a little later.)
We had a general idea of who we wanted to see but with no set itinerary we kind of just went with the flow.  And lucky things seemed to work out perfectly.

We ran into Yelawolf, Immortal Technique and Roach Giggz on 6th street.


We checked out the Freddie Gibbs show at Peckerheads. He was backed by the homies, The Park. There was also a special apperance by Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids. Nice

We managed to get into the Stokes shows but were a little to far from the stage so I was only able to get a shot of  Julian singing from the TV in the VIP Lounge.

Next we headed over to La Zona Rosa to see Wiz Khalifa and B.O.B. We had photo passes which usually means we can shoot from the pit for the first 3 songs but at this particular event you had to have a special badge to shoot from the pit. WTF. Anyway..... so i shot from the crowd.

And we ended the night at the Dirty Dog to see Yelawolf.

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GARZA said...

nice photos! Looks like sxsw was super sick this year